Day 1 of Inspire.Create.Share.2015


I could literally end my post now……..WOW! Says it all.  But I’m guessing you want to know more about the sneak peaks I’ve seen?

The stage, as always, was set beautifully, with oversized flowers. And the three simple words. INSPIRE, CREATE, SHARE.

Convention opened with a flashback video showing the highlights of past South Pacific conventions and the funny bits some presenters may prefer to forget. 

Sara Douglas, the Interum CEO then came on stage to officially open. She explained that even though we may not like change, change is good. She explained the following quote was said to her by a wonderfully wise woman, her Mum, Shelley Gardiner. 

I think this is a wonderful statement to remind us that although change is daunting to grab it with both hands and take the challenge. 

Sara’s focus was on the new Live On Stage events and she gave the below graphic to explain.  I think this is an exciting change and will allow more demonstrators to participate in events. 

Sara held the first all attendee giveaway – a Fast Fuse before welcoming the wonderful Bonnie onto the stage. Bonnie was the lucky one to introduce us to the new catalogue. All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS. Bonnie was strategic in her presentation, which kept us hanging and trying hard to see more………sorry  Bonnie for the terrible photo!

Carrie was the next presenter.  Carrie’s task was to introduce us to the new In Colours 2015-2017. These colours are available for two years.   Carrie explained the process of how the new colours are chosen.  I have already at least three new favourite colours…….can you guess which ones?

Starting at the top we have Mint Macaron, Tip Top Taupe, Watermelon Wonder, Cucumber Crush and Delightful Dijon. 

Carrie then won everyone’s hearts by the next All Attendee giveaway…….we got our new Catalogue!  This is all I can share at the moment, but I’m sure you can see some sneak peeks of new products!  Aren’t my nails sparkly and gold?


As we all had a new glossy, shiny catalogue in our hands, the on stage presentations had a 10 minute break while wee gooo’ed and Gaa’d. 

The next presentation was a sample Demonstration of a workshop. The Australian demo who conducted this presentation was Bec Ross. She was fabulous and gave heaps of tips along the way. Thanks. Bec. 

Another quote shared today is from Zig Ziglar and I think for now I will finish on this……..

Thanks for reading and I will be back tomorrow to share more news 


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