Part of a Team – Eureka Stampers

I am proud to say joining Stampin’ Up! has been the best decision i have made in a long time.  I joined Stampin’ Up! under the team of Eureka Stampers.

I joined Stampin’ Up! for a hobby.  I found I was working all day and then coming home and working.  I needed some distractions and luckily I found it.  

Stampin’ Up! has been my way of shutting off from work and RELAXING.  

I have been lucky to have two wonderfully creative ladies join my team.  We have become great friends as well as stamping buddies.

Currently Stampin’ Up! have a fantastic offer available and I invite you to contact me to discuss further.  I would love you to join my small team.

There is absolutely no pressure to make sales, hold workshops or flog the product.  There is a minimum sales required each quarter of $400.00.  I break this down to $134 per month or $33 per week.  

Until the end of June, we have a special joining offer:

  • $85 Joining Fee = $90 product of your choice
  • $169 Joining Fee = $235 product of your choice

The $85 promotion is a great opportunity for those who would like to take advantage of the Demo’s benefits.

  • 20% off all orders
  • Offers available only to demonstrators

Please feel free to contact me on 0431 466 255 to find out more information.



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